Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sow in Spring

Summer Days at Giverny by Ferdinand Heilbuth

Mother! Mother! Watch and pray,
Fling not golden hours away!
Now or ever, plant and sow,
Catch the morning's earliest glow.

Mother! Mother! Guard the dew,
While it sparkles clear and true.
No delay! The scorching noon
May thy treasures reach too soon.

Mother! Point them to the sky,
Tell them of a loving eye,
That more tender is than thine,
And doth ever on them shine.

Mother! Lead them soon and late
To behold the golden gate;
When they long to enter there,
Lead them to the Lamb by prayer.

Mother, seize the precious hours,
While the dew is on thy flowers!
Life is such a fleeting thing,
Mother! Mother! Sow in spring.


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