Monday, January 7, 2013

Beautiful Dependence

Who Speaks First by John Morgan

"I can interact with the members of my family in a constant state of dependence and prayer, asking God to work in me and through me, and resting in the fact that He will accomplish His will in spite of me."

~Pam Forster at Doorposts
What Would I Do Differently, Part 1



  1. What a sweet and warm blog you have. I am a mom of 3 boys which I teach at home and I can sure use some encouraging words. Thank you for being an outlet of God's love through your encouragment.

  2. Thanks, Amy! So thankful for all these authors and bloggers' wise words to encourage me, too.

  3. I used this quote for my link-up, and gave you credits and a link :) I thank you for being a bright light and encouraging us all! Please don't grow weary in well-doing! God bless you, Valerie.

  4. Thanks Jacqueline, I will gladly take the encouragement today.


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