Monday, December 3, 2012

Poem ~ Motherhood

A Music Party by Arthur Hayes, 1864

The bravest battle that ever was fought!
Shall I tell you where and when?
On the maps of the world you will find it not;
'Twas fought by the mothers of men.
Nay not with the cannon of battle-shot,
With a sword or noble pen;
Nay, not with eloquent words or thought
From mouth of wonderful men!
But deep in a walled-up woman's heart --
Of a woman that would not yield,
But bravely, silently bore her part --
Lo, there is the battlefield!
No marshaling troops, no bivouac song,
No banner to gleam and wave;
But oh! those battles, they last so long --
From babyhood to the grave.
Yet, faithful still as a bridge of stars,
She fights in her walled-up town --
Fights on and on in her endless wars,
Then silent, unseen, goes down.
Oh, ye with banners and battle-shot,
And soldiers to shout and praise!
I tell you the kingliest victories fought
Were fought in those silent ways.

~ Joaquin Miller (1839-1913) 
Thank you to Mrs. June Fuentes at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home for sharing this poem.


  1. I love this poem! Hope you don't mind if I post it sometime? Have a wonderful week. Trying to catch up on my blogging. I have not been able to focus much on it lately.

    1. Please do use it freely, Stacie, I got it from June! I know, me too, life is busy these days so I'm just posting when I can.


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