Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Peaceful Home

The Archers by Harry Brooker, 1894

"Peace isn’t reflected in a decibel level or the amount of dust accumulated on your shelves. Peace is a state of the heart. Peace is a tone of voice. Peace is the ease with which we navigate the torrent of our lives.

So, the first path to a peaceful home is to acknowledge the crazy. It’s our job to teach our children how to grow up, but it’s also our job to let them be kids and savor every blessed, messy moment. Peace is finding the balance between the two."

~Kat at Inspired to Action


  1. I had to laugh. I only have one boy and one girl but this painting tells all in the way a boy is. God made them this way and it is hard to know as a mother/female just if this is normal so, I have to go ask Daddy and most of the time it is normal.

    1. I know, isn't that painting funny? And you're right, it's so true. Just yesterday my two-year-old daughter picked up her brothers' Goliath toy (complete with grimmacing face, huge sword, and helmet), cradled him in her arms and said, "Aaaawww, Goliath is a baaaaby! Little Baby Goliath, I'll take care of you!" So funny. Thanks for stopping by.


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