Monday, October 15, 2012

Consequences and Grace

Pardon Mama by Emile Munier, 1888

"It isn't that we ignore sin. We deal with it, and children do need to obey their parents. The same applies to us adults- there are consequences to our actions and we must obey God. It's just that when we blow it over and over and over, our God opens His arms wider and pours out more mercy, more grace, and in great and lavish abundance. It melts our hearts and makes us want to sidle up and squat under His protection and wisdom. I want my kids to want to do that too, but that will never happen if all I do is lay down the law and remind them of their failures."

~Kendra Fletcher at Preschoolers and Peace


  1. Hi Valerie, I'd love to use some of your quotes here in my digital art. Absolutely feel free to look through and use any of mine as well. Please let me know your email address, I can't find it on your blog here and I have some sites to send you. Mine is ~ Abby

    1. Great! It's


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