Monday, September 17, 2012

Beautifully Imperfect

Fisherman's Wife by Arthur Hacker, 1885
"There is no “ideal motherhood”. I think the sooner we embrace that truth, the quicker we can get back to pouring into our children and accepting motherhood for what it is: beautifully imperfect.
If we are constantly focusing on trying to perfect the imperfections of motherhood, it will build nothing more than constant dissatisfaction."
~Christin at Joyful Mothering


  1. Hi Valerie, What a delightful blog you have here. I just discovered you through In the Nursery of a Nation. I'll be back often. Thanks for all you have here. What an encouragement to moms. ~ Abby

  2. Oh my, what a blessing your blog is! The encouraging and edifying (and convicting even - though never condemning) quotes along with delightful artwork...what a treasure!!! Do you mind if I share some of the quotes and art on my FB page?

  3. Thank you, Jacqueline, please share freely! None of these words are my own; I'm a fellow gleaner. I'm so thankful for the wisdom shared online; it encourages me daily as well.

    Abby, I commented on your beautiful blog, and thank you for your comment here!


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