Sunday, August 5, 2012

Balance in Raising Boys

"...You see very often two opposite extremes of how to raise boys. One ditch says “Boys will be boys! That gives them a license to be posses zero self-control, have no manners and no convictions on personal hygiene.” ...

The other ditch is to squash the spirit of the little boy who is created by God to have more energy and aggression than a female. Little boys get feminized when they aren’t ever allowed to get dirty, bloody or loud. Mommy is so freaked out all the time, fearing that her boy is going to be in the first category that she keeps him under her thumb all the time and doesn’t let him do much living.

Boys need to be civilized but not feminized. It’s up to us to teach them when their wildness is appropriate and when it isn’t."

~Bambi at In the Nursery of the Nation
Civilized, Not Feminized

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