Monday, January 2, 2012

The House is Untidy... ~A Poem

The house is untidy from window to door,
Marks on the walls and food on the floor.

The washing's unwashed and the dishes are too,
There's scum in the bathroom and fat on the stew.

There are toys in the passage and under our feet;
The garden's a jungle when seen from the street.

So what have I done, then to earn my repose?
To just look around me you'd say no one knows!

I've held a small hand as her first steps she took.
I've made animal noises as we read a book.

I've built a mud pie and admired a snail,
I've rescued the cat from a grip on her tail.

I've wiped away tears, and I've listened to tales.
I've used mediation to get smiles from wails.

So I guess what I've done isn't easy to see -
It won't clean the house and it won't cook the tea.

But if I have helped make a child feel good,

Know that she's loved and that she's understood,

Then I know that my work, though not easy to see,
Is just as important as any could be.

~Author Unknown

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