Monday, May 9, 2011

A Work Ethic Is A Gift For Our Children

"The principal cause of boredom is the hatred of work. People are trained from childhood to hate it. Parents often feel guilty about making children do anything but the merest gestures toward work. Perhaps the children are required to make their beds and, in a feeble and half-hearted fashion, tidy up their rooms once a month or so. But take full responsibility to clear the table, load the dishwasher, scrub the pots, wipe the counters? How many have the courage to ask this of a ten-year-old? It would be too much to ask of many ten-year-olds because parents have seriously asked nothing of them when they were two or three. Children quickly pick up the parents' negative attitudes toward work and think of it as something most seduoulsy to be avoided."

~Elisabeth Elliot
Keep A Quiet Heart



  1. I was raised on a working ranch and I knew the meaning of work. Feeding cows in sub-zero degree weather, riding horses in the rain for hours gathering cows, watering trees with five gallon buckets, cleaning chicken coops, etc.

    I want my children to know the value of work. I probably make mine work harder than most. But I believe it is teamwork. It makes life easier on me and them when we all work together.

  2. This is excellent! Thank you for sharing:)

    I'm over here from the Wise Woman and your newest follower.

    Have a blessed day!
    Faith on Fire

  3. nice post...thank you for sharing...happy holidays..blessings soraya


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