Thursday, May 5, 2011

Firm Authority Chooses Calm Words Instead of Scolding

"If a child has done wrong, a child needs talking a natural tone of voice, and with carefully measured words. If the parent is tempted to speak rapidly, or to multiply words without stopping to weigh them, or to show an excited state of feeling, the parent's first duty is to gain entire self-control.

In giving commands...the fewer and the more calmly spoken words the better. A child soon learns that scolding means less than quiet talking; and he even comes to find a certain satisfaction in waiting silently until the scolder has blown off the surplus feeling which vents itself in this way. There are times, indeed, when words may be multiplied to advantage in explaining to a child the nature and consequences of his offense, and the reasons why he should do differently in the future; but such words should always be spoken in gentleness, and in self-controlled earnestness."

~H. Clay Trumbull
Hints on Child Training



  1. Thanks for this! It's a great reminder.

  2. So True! kneeling down to a child and looking them in the eye, and with a soft but firm voice telling them what is expected of them, makes a big difference in how they will listen and respond. Thanks for your wise words!


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