Saturday, March 26, 2011

Humble Service = Fuller Liberty From Sin and Self

"...Jesus calls us to be servants of one another and ... as we accept it heartily, this service will be a most blessed one, and a new and fuller liberty from sin and self.

At first it may appear hard. This is only because of the pride which still counts itself something. If once we learn that to be nothing before God is the glory of the creature, the spirit of Jesus, and the joy of heaven, we shall welcome with our whole heart the discipline we may have in serving even those who try or vex us.

When our own heart is set upon this, the true sanctification, we shall study each word of Jesus on self-abasement with new zest, and no place will be too low, and no stooping too deep, and no service too mean or too long continued, if we may but share and prove the fellowship with Him who spoke, "I am among you as he that serves."

Brethren, here is the path to the higher life.
Down, lower down!"

~Andrew Murray (1828-1917)
Humility: Beauty of Holiness


  1. Valerie~
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. And I'm truly delighted to discover yours!
    Blessings to you and yours today...

  2. Thanks, Stacy. Your blog and others have inspired me immensely. You didn't know it, but you're one of my 'online' Titus 2 mentors!

  3. The path to Higher Life is down--seems ironic to our finite minds how it can be this way. What a great quote! I am a quote collector so I always I've to read blogs with great quotes. Thanks for sharing.


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